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Prepping For Trade Shows










What happened to April? May is half-way through already. This is always the case when you have a Trade Show looming. You think you have plenty of time, and then BOOM, it’s gone in a blink!

I am currently prepping for my next Trade Show, PGLive at London Islington on the 4-5th June.

I am waiting on proofs from my printer to finalise my new designs before I can order stock in and product display for the show.

Somehow new tasks and customer request seem to come out of nowhere, adding to the long to-do-list.  I still am trying to slot in time to do one or two more drawings to add to my new launch at PG…. nothing like last minute stress pre a show!


• Keep adding to my online show profile, I try to re-visit the profile and edit it to keep it fresh as more buyers start to use the show exhibitors section and plan who to visit.

• Update my show offer. This year I am raffling off a professionally framed print of my newest art at the show. Names of all buyers who place orders at the show will be pulled out of a hat at the end of the final day, with the lucky winner announced.

• My stand is being clad and painted this year, a Dulux Trade colour has been carefully chosen to stand out and differentiate my stand from any others.

• Show invites have been printed, and need to be posted out usually around 7-10 days before show opening day.

• New catalogues need to be designed with new launches added. I send this to print around 10 days before the show, along with business cards.

• Order form and T&C’s updated and print up enough order forms for the show. I also add them into each catalogue I have to hand out at the show to make it easy for the buyers to use to place orders whilst eating lunch, having a coffee, or later back at the office.

• Plan the look of the stand. Consider a WOW factor.

• Look at the floor plan and work out where traffic flow will come from. This will impact how/where I display to catch the passing traffic, to maximise being seen.

• Plan the products on display and make sure I have the stock here packed and ready.

• Plan out any logo vinyl’s (colour/size) and order them in.

• Make sure all stand charges and insurance is paid.

• Book parking.

• Triple check online exhibitor zone for health/safety, insurance, lighting, furniture etc. I bring my own track lights, and I get these PAT tested each year. I bring my own small stool. I use daylight bulbs which result in a fresh, bright stand.

• Design up a mailshot and include the free show registration link for buyers, a web link to my show profile plus my website URL.

• Double check stand size/height to ensure what I set up from a past show does fit in the space of the next show.

• Always check I have strong velcro.

• Capture device booked for scanning buyers name-tags. I also back this up with a show logbook to add in any business cards and notes. Bring stapler, pens and calculator.

• Back-up any new work on my external hard-drive.

• Update website: with news, upload new products to launch, add in a new Home Page slider.

• Stash of snacks and water for show days to keep energy up.

• Keep a pair of flip-flops hidden on the stand just in case of sore feet.

• Plan any membership logo’s to have on the stand, ie: GCA, Ladder Club, Acid etc.

• Use small boxes for buyers to flick through entire ranges if wall display only holds best sellers.

• Familiarise myself with my pricing; TP and RRP of singles, packs of 6’s, general amount of packs to meet my min order value, plus other products.

• Know what Q’s you need to ask your customers, especially if they place an order. ie: required delivery date, catalogue added to the order, if they would like a copy of the order or happy to have one emailed post show. Do check area postcodes for any clashing neighbouring customers. I leave this for after the show.

• Check through tools needed for the show set up. Check set-up times.










To take time out to recharge your batteries. Often days are spent sitting down in front of the computer, or designing, or in the car driving/commuting. It’s so important to balance this with exercise and getting outdoors to clear your mind to avoid feeling bogged down, overwhelmed and stressed.

Thanks for reading!

Here is a new branding promo video which presents who and what is Deckled Edge Ltd;