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Since lockdown1 came into place I discovered a new group of friends via my engagement on instagram where I was aiming to promote my business further and grow my brand awareness. On this journey I made many new Author friends, and have purchased their books, or read their works online. Now with lockdown2 in force, I thought to list these Authors for anyone interested in trying something new to pass your lockdown time.



THE SUPER TWINS by Andy Slinger
What a surprise! A really great read for my kids, but also for ME!! (Mum)
This was fast paced, and totally absorbing. I was swept away in the story and felt like I was part of it from start to finish! This took me back to a book I forever cherish, read when I was 11 years old: The Silver Crown by Richard O’Brian. Great memories which were reawaken by Andy’s book The Super Twins. Cant wait for the sequel!!
Fantastic job for a FIRST NOVEL *** Very impressed. https://www.andyslinger.com You can purchase your copy here









PIZAZZ NEWS by Natasha Stone
This in depth book by Natasha makes the reader look deep into themselves and parallels with ones own experiences of daily relationships and how we navigate through our lives. I am taking this book slowly, as there is SO much to absorb here and reflect on. I will be re-reading this book many times as it shows its various layers. Buy it here 











MICHAEL R KIEL FICTIONS is an online literary website that focuses on providing a variety of short, but powerful fictions for your fast-paced life!
Check him out here michaelrkielfictions.com












TRISTAN: Volume 1
One sitting on my bookshelf waiting for me to read! 
Read more about the Author and buy your copy here











ARISE TO FALL: Volume 1 (The Varsian Kingdom Series)
Yet another waiting on my bookshelf to read through lockdown2. Read more about this Author on his website here and you can purchase your copy here