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I do hope you have been coping okay, and there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Now we are nearing the ‘other side’ of Covid-19, we all wonder what our ‘new kind of normal will be?’
Questions I ask myself:
How will trade be?
Will my business pick up and trade well again?
Will my stockists keep buying from me?
Will consumer confidence return?
How will Trade Shows opperate?
How can my Sales Agents replace face-to-face calls with digital visits? Will they hold Zoom sales meetings now?

During the first few months of lockdown, our warehouse was forced to close, but it is now back OPEN, hooray!
Trade is gearing up a few notches now as all of our lovely stockists are re-opening. Here’s an update on what’s happening at Deckled Edge during the lock-down to now, and to ensure you keep our little brand in your plans for stocking your wonderful establishments in the near future.
We have been busy planning and designing, but the most exciting development is that we are having a brand face-lift! Keep an eye on our website which is being refreshed, revitalised and revamped as I write this. We are having an overhaul on the Trade website, which will be more engaging, more user-friendly to navigate and a lot more fun! In the meantime you can continue to order direct through the current site no problems, and I will let you know once the new look is launched and ready to go!

I’ve increased our fabulous EUREKA! greeting card collection and added many more NEW designs.
Also releasing are NEW durable melamine coasters and matching art prints, all made in Britain of course!

We are open for business as normal now!
Pop over and visit my social channels to see the development of new illustrations and what I am up to. Do connect and say hello!

Keep safe & well.
All the very best,
Janna x