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I do hope you have been coping okay, and there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Now we are nearing the ‘other side’ of Covid-19, we all wonder what our ‘new kind of normal will be?’
Questions I ask myself:
How will trade be?
Will my business pick up and trade well again?
Will my stockists keep buying from me?
Will consumer confidence return?
How will Trade Shows opperate?
How can my Sales Agents replace face-to-face calls with digital visits? Will they hold Zoom sales meetings now?

During the first few months of lockdown, our warehouse was forced to close, but it is now back OPEN, hooray!
Trade is gearing up a few notches now as all of our lovely stockists are re-opening. Here’s an update on what’s happening at Deckled Edge during the lock-down to now, and to ensure you keep our little brand in your plans for stocking your wonderful establishments in the near future.
We have been busy planning and designing, but the most exciting development is that we are having a brand face-lift! Keep an eye on our website which is being refreshed, revitalised and revamped as I write this. We are having an overhaul on the Trade website, which will be more engaging, more user-friendly to navigate and a lot more fun! In the meantime you can continue to order direct through the current site no problems, and I will let you know once the new look is launched and ready to go!

I’ve increased our fabulous EUREKA! greeting card collection and added many more NEW designs.
Also releasing are NEW durable melamine coasters and matching art prints, all made in Britain of course!

We are open for business as normal now!
Pop over and visit my social channels to see the development of new illustrations and what I am up to. Do connect and say hello!

Keep safe & well.
All the very best,
Janna x


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I just wanted to update any new visitors to my site that we are currently having a facelift!!
My Trade site will be completely refreshed, with many new lockdown designs added.
We will also be offering a direct to Retail option, which will be available as soon as the website is built.
New products such as coasters will be added, so you can purchase gifts with matching cards for yourself or your loved ones.
In the meantime, simply email me any product codes of what you would like and we will go from there.
Happy shopping!

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Following government guidelines we have moved to home-working and home-schooling. As all of our lovely stockists are now mostly closed we’ve decided to continue to update you on what’s new here at Deckled Edge, and to ensure you keep our little brand in your plans for stocking your wonderful establishments post lock-down. I am here at the end of the phone, or email if you have any questions at all. I’d love to know your thoughts on my new designs, and if there is a particular subject you would like to see created next. Just let me know! We remain open to trade and our warehouse continues to work to strict government guidelines. Do bear in mind orders are packed and handled with the up-most care by one person, and as a result, only working two days per week presently.
Do think about popping in your pre Christmas orders as well, as I am excited to return to business as normal as soon as possible!

My newest design below have been added to my website.
These designs are new additions to my ever growing EUREKA! Collection of blank art cards:
E23 – MEERKAT HEROES (will be uploaded very soon)

Do keep checking in on what I am up to via Instagram/facebook/twitter as I share my next new designs!


NEW direct to retail option; If you are interested in any of my cards or products, I can arrange for one or more to be sent to you or a loved one!

Just let me know what item codes you would like, and whether you would like a personal message hand written inside, and we can post direct to your nominated receiver. Simply add the recipients address in the email and when you would like it sent. Please note, we are working really hard to deliver your orders via Royal Mail as normal, but please note there may be a slight delay in our service due to the current Covid-19 situation. I will reply with how best to pay and any further details.
Do keep an eye on the website, as we have some exciting news!!! We are working super hard during this horrid lock-down, to bring to you a brand new shiny Retail site!

Plus not to forget our all important Trade site, this will have a wonderful re-fresh!

There’s no more important time than this to send cards. To let loved ones know that you’re thinking of them. But the joy of a card through the post is immeasurable, now more than ever. And it will sit there bringing joy through the days of isolation until we can all meet up in person again.

Keep safe & well.

All the very best,Janna x

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ALL our lives have been turned upside down with COVID-19 – what does this mean for our businesses, and what can I do to adapt to the current changes?
It’s frightening times for us all, but I thought to share with you a little insight into what I am doing at Deckled Edge to keep positive and productive, and try to get through this as much as is possible.
It is so important to keep in touch…

Take time to be kind now more than ever. Keep communicating, posting and liking on your socials. Its so easy to be caught in a period of shock, scrolling endlessly on social media and not engaging. Its important to be active like before Corona, just within a much smaller area of confinement.
I am lost without routine, so it is so important for me to create a new daily life dotted with routine to help me get things done, and to look back and see how productive I’ve been. For me it will be creating new designs, and keeping in touch with you all. Plus keeping my children on a structured path so they don’t have days and days in their pj’s and lose sight of all purpose…

After spending so much effort in building up our businesses and having a brand presence, its so very important to keep this going in these challenging times we all are facing. Its is so important to keep visible, even with our shops closed, and warehouses too, and all trade has ceased. Our businesses represent us and they give us purpose, and soon will bring an income again. Make a plan, show up online, do more, and keep yourself and your business ticking over, even if you need to re-post past images and products.

Furthermore, I would like to offer all of my customers with current open and overdue invoices, to extend their payment dates to add another 60 days onto those invoices. I will contact you all individually. I would like to thank you all for your kind support to date, and I hope it continues for years to come.
Please do stay in touch, email, or keep informed of how I am keeping things ticking along via Instagram and Facebook/Twitter.
If you have any questions at all, or would like to chat, don’t hesitate to contact me. 

If you are planning ahead, I am able to take any pre-orders for all of my collections, including Christmas. With a post Covid-19 delivery date which we can set for over the next few months or so. Stay well and I look forward to seeing you all ‘on the other side’ at a trade event very soon.
All the very best, Janna x

My newest hand-drawn illustration: NEW HOME featuring common garden Blue Tits nesting.
Available as a greetings card in a few weeks time. (Item code: E17)
Hope you like it!

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Wow does time fly. I experienced what happens if you don’t drive your business forward… Nothing!
I had to take time out of the business for nearly 3 months whilst I guided my 11 year old son through the transition of moving onto High School. The many tests, School viewings, researching and interviews. In this time I had little time to devote to the business, and was feeling down about the pressures of looming trade show commitments. So I went ahead and booked myself, (not a much needed holiday),,,, but an ad in a trade catalogue. This was the jolt I needed, more deadlines, to kick myself back into gear.

I managed to complete 7 new intricate drawings for new greetings cards, and 3 new pattern designs for gift wrap, all sampled, signed off and put into production with the hiccup of Christmas where everything closes! I am one of those who calls up the printer’s office in those ‘dead days’ between Boxing day and NYE just to see if any presses are printing!
New catalogues have just been completed, which are just now being printed.

Without deadlines, there is no way you can achieve as much, there is no way you can move forward as fast, and there is no way you will feel as satisfied when you get to the end and then start to focus on the next.

In this festive holiday, I was lucky enough to be short-listed in the Cards&Wrap category of The Gift Of The Year awards run by the Giftware Association. This is the second year running I have been short-listed. The competition is filled with such amazing talent, so I was well pleased to be listed. This year the judges loved my growing EUREKA! range of blank animal greetings cards.

I am now nearly at the end of my prep for Spring Fair, (Stand 2D21 in the Greetings Hall), and my to-do-list is well crossed out. Everything is coming together strangely enough. I’m hoping for a good positive show, and have worked really hard in the background to have my brand noticed. Fingers and toes crossed it all works out.










You can find more information and register to attend here;

Thank you for reading. See you at the show!


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What I am up to this month?

2019 is bounding along so fast, Christmas will be upon us before we know it!
Christmas orders are starting to flow in with delivery dates for September. One customer has already received their bespoke order of boxed Christmas cards last month, all branded with their own logo!
Working on Christmas does put you in a business void, as often working months ahead in creating design and the annual flow of orders makes you lose track of what month it really is.

I am also busy preparing for an upcoming trade show at lovely Harrogate, Home & Gift Buyers Festival after a two year gap. I had booked this stand only one month ago, so it’s all a-bit last minute with show prep. I’ve only managed time to create one new design to launch at the show… As I draw my illustrations by hand, they can take me around a week to complete. Then a week to have proofed at the printers before signing off (or making adjustments), to then place a print run of the new greeting card design. Booking this stand late, resulted in very little time between trade shows to create any more newness. But I will continue to create more throughout the year to launch at Spring Fair NEC 2020.
Do follow me on Instagram @decklededgeart to see what I’m working on over the rest of 2019!

I have entered three of my original equine art illustrations into The Horse In Art Exhibition 2019, run by the Society Of Equestrian Artists which I have become a new member of. The three artworks have been professionally framed with the WOW factor and finished with top quality gallery standard glass. Fingers crossed they get selected to hang, and ultimately find new owners!
Gallery viewing dates: Official opening on Sunday 15th – Closes on Saturday 28th September, 2019.

My submission for The Henries 2019 had also been entered. I spoke more about this competition in my post; ‘Making The Most Of Opportunities For Your Business’, which was posted on 23rd January 2019 on my website

The Henries winners will be revealed on Thursday October 3 at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London. Best of luck to all who has entered!


Adorable illustration of Love Birds to celebrate affection, weddings, anniversaries and love is being launched at Harrogate Home&Gift Buyers Festival, July 14-17. Stand GS-4 in DP5 – stationery and greetings marquee;

You can find more information and register to attend here;

Thank you for reading. See you at the show!


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Angie Goosen, category manager for books, cards, gifting and giftwrap at Blue Diamond Group of garden centres:

“It was my first PG Live and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The show had such a good energy about it. I really liked that the stands were smaller as this meant the suppliers were showing their best lines which meant it was easy to appreciate what was on offer without feeling overwhelmed.

I saw a lot of individuality from the suppliers, whether it was pop-ups, laser-cut wooden accessories, flowers and embellishments – everyone seemed to make a real effort to stand out and be unique.”

Angie’s top picks: “There were loads! I really liked Middle Mouse, specifically its Cardlets and also the ‘grow your own pot’ lines. The company seemed to go back to the roots of what giving a card to someone means – sentiment. I feel my customers would really want to keep a card like that.

The talent of some of the artists, notably Sophie Brabbins, Deckled Edge and Dollyhotdogs, blew me away. Lucy Ledger and Catherine Lewis also stood out for me, predominantly because they epitomise the garden centre customer, with a contemporary edge.”

You can read the article here: click here


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Prepping For Trade Shows










What happened to April? May is half-way through already. This is always the case when you have a Trade Show looming. You think you have plenty of time, and then BOOM, it’s gone in a blink!

I am currently prepping for my next Trade Show, PGLive at London Islington on the 4-5th June.

I am waiting on proofs from my printer to finalise my new designs before I can order stock in and product display for the show.

Somehow new tasks and customer request seem to come out of nowhere, adding to the long to-do-list.  I still am trying to slot in time to do one or two more drawings to add to my new launch at PG…. nothing like last minute stress pre a show!


• Keep adding to my online show profile, I try to re-visit the profile and edit it to keep it fresh as more buyers start to use the show exhibitors section and plan who to visit.

• Update my show offer. This year I am raffling off a professionally framed print of my newest art at the show. Names of all buyers who place orders at the show will be pulled out of a hat at the end of the final day, with the lucky winner announced.

• My stand is being clad and painted this year, a Dulux Trade colour has been carefully chosen to stand out and differentiate my stand from any others.

• Show invites have been printed, and need to be posted out usually around 7-10 days before show opening day.

• New catalogues need to be designed with new launches added. I send this to print around 10 days before the show, along with business cards.

• Order form and T&C’s updated and print up enough order forms for the show. I also add them into each catalogue I have to hand out at the show to make it easy for the buyers to use to place orders whilst eating lunch, having a coffee, or later back at the office.

• Plan the look of the stand. Consider a WOW factor.

• Look at the floor plan and work out where traffic flow will come from. This will impact how/where I display to catch the passing traffic, to maximise being seen.

• Plan the products on display and make sure I have the stock here packed and ready.

• Plan out any logo vinyl’s (colour/size) and order them in.

• Make sure all stand charges and insurance is paid.

• Book parking.

• Triple check online exhibitor zone for health/safety, insurance, lighting, furniture etc. I bring my own track lights, and I get these PAT tested each year. I bring my own small stool. I use daylight bulbs which result in a fresh, bright stand.

• Design up a mailshot and include the free show registration link for buyers, a web link to my show profile plus my website URL.

• Double check stand size/height to ensure what I set up from a past show does fit in the space of the next show.

• Always check I have strong velcro.

• Capture device booked for scanning buyers name-tags. I also back this up with a show logbook to add in any business cards and notes. Bring stapler, pens and calculator.

• Back-up any new work on my external hard-drive.

• Update website: with news, upload new products to launch, add in a new Home Page slider.

• Stash of snacks and water for show days to keep energy up.

• Keep a pair of flip-flops hidden on the stand just in case of sore feet.

• Plan any membership logo’s to have on the stand, ie: GCA, Ladder Club, Acid etc.

• Use small boxes for buyers to flick through entire ranges if wall display only holds best sellers.

• Familiarise myself with my pricing; TP and RRP of singles, packs of 6’s, general amount of packs to meet my min order value, plus other products.

• Know what Q’s you need to ask your customers, especially if they place an order. ie: required delivery date, catalogue added to the order, if they would like a copy of the order or happy to have one emailed post show. Do check area postcodes for any clashing neighbouring customers. I leave this for after the show.

• Check through tools needed for the show set up. Check set-up times.










To take time out to recharge your batteries. Often days are spent sitting down in front of the computer, or designing, or in the car driving/commuting. It’s so important to balance this with exercise and getting outdoors to clear your mind to avoid feeling bogged down, overwhelmed and stressed.

Thanks for reading!

Here is a new branding promo video which presents who and what is Deckled Edge Ltd;

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The Year So Far: Trade Shows & Industry Events

Spring Fair NEC – A Round-Up

2019 is already off to a flying start with the business!
I’ve settled into a new routine with fulfilling orders via a warehouse system which has been efficient resulting in less workload for me. January was busy with show prep for Spring Fair at the NEC, which takes place early in Feb. 2019 is my 3rd time exhibiting at this show. It’s a very long and expensive show to manage solo.

Are Trade Shows Worth Doing Anymore?

There are many new ways to market your business these days now with social media, plus directly hitting your own target audience. But I find trade shows force you to achieve results due to fast approaching deadlines. New collections are launched, new catalogues produced, and a chance to reach out to your current audience and of course to attract new orders, new accounts, and new interest. Trade shows also are so valuable in seeing/meeting fellow publishers, what’s on trend, how businesses are displaying their wares, meeting new and existing sales agents, hearing about various information on the ground via customers/organisers/suppliers etc which you would never come across back in your own office workspace.
For my business exhibiting is essential.

Speed Dating Dragons

I recently attended an annual event run by the GCA (Greeting Card Association), held at London’s Business Design Centre.
Speed Dating Dragons are where 72 greeting card publishers have a chance to pitch their companies’ products to 18 of the UK’s top greeting card retailers in a series of one-to-one 10-minute ‘dates’ with buyers from multiples, small groups and Indies.
The event also involves a knowledge-filled panel session during which industry stalwarts cover a whole gamut of pertinent business issues – from making the most of agents to how brokerage works, from buyers’ needs to the trade’s collective environmental responsibility.

Who was there:

National Accounts

John Lewis – Lisa Rutherford
Thortful – Katie Lillywhite
Moonpig – Vikki Connor and Dale Boreham
Card Zone – Owner Paul Taylor
Sainsbury’s – Buyer Carly Pearson
Scribbler – Buyer Andrew Webb and Sarah Bertram

Small Chains

Between the Lines – 15 shops – owner Lindsey Kleinlercher
Between the Lines – 15 shops – buyer Ellie Kleinlercher
House of Cards – 6 shops – partner Miles Robinson
Penmark – 11 shops – MD Mark Rees
Postmark – 4 shops MD Mark Janson-Smith
Unit 7 (Manchester) 4 shops, owner Andrea Pinder


Calladoodles Owner Liz Killick and buyer Clare White
Creased Cards Owner Danny Ingram
Papilio (Heritage) Owner Tabi Marsh
Red Card Owner Sally Matson
Cardies in Stevenage Owner Jo Sorrell
6th independent – tbc

Panel Discussion Session by five GCA Council Members, all senior leaders in the greeting card industry.


Paul Woodmansterne – MD Woodmansterne.
Rachel Hare – Owner of Belly Button and GCA Vice President
Ceri Stirland – Marketing Director UKG and GCA President
Ged Mace – MD of The Art File
Brett Smith – Sales Director at Danilo, previously a director at Clinton Cards

The event is also a great benefit from a buyer’s perspective to see lots of new product and companies coming through who they may overlook at trade events.
One of my Dragon’s; Lindsey Kleinlercher, co-owner of Between the Lines, having been persuaded to participate by her daughter Ellie, was ecstatic about the event and said: “I have loved it – and will be ordering from everyone I have seen!”
See her here:

The 18 top buyers departed, laden down with a bulging goody bag, full of card samples from all of the 72 publishers.
What a bonkers event it was!

Words From A Dragon!

From Jo Sorrell, owner of Cardies in Stevenage
“Among those who stood out for me was Deckled Edge and I will definitely be ordering from. Again I first saw this publisher last year at PG Live and there is now a great choice of product from which to choose. I also love horses so another personal choice. Luckily for me so many of our customers are animal lovers too I can get away with choosing what I love.”
Read the entire article here:

Jo Sorrell’s top picks:


Thanks for reading!