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We made the shortlist for Gift Of The Year 2019!

We all still 💖 a 🦄!
So proud and extremely pleased to be shortlisted for #giftoftheyear2019 !
This cute vibrant boxed note card set will be on display at Spring Fair stand 3V17. Pop by and say 👋
Thank you 🙏 to @the_ga_uk and the lovely judges for selecting me!
#stationery #notecards #unicorn #giftoftheyear #feelinglucky#madebyme #britishmade
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Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Janna, creator and do-er-all of a tiny publishing company: DECKLED EDGE LTD!
I’m a Mother, a business owner, an artist and an avid horse rider. Here at D.E headquarters, I produce greetings cards and paper goods specialising in equine and animal art.




Why I took the path of a publisher?

I went from artist, ski bum, to horse rider, art director, to Mum of 2.
Once my kiddies began school, I wanted to combine all of my skills/talents/creativity, so I decided to start producing greetings cards using my own art. I began the company. “It can’t be that hard”, I recall thinking…. how wrong I was!!
I knew no-one or anything at all about the industry. But having two children with no family support, I knew I had to work from home so I could still be there for the kiddies.

At the start my children were the main focus for subject matter; dinosaurs, unicorns and ponies were a focus, expanding now to horses and animals.
I sell direct to Trade, and launched the company at my first trade event called BCTF (British Craft Trade Fair), in April of 2015, then followed with PG Live (Progressive Greetings Live) in June, and H&G (Home&Gift Harrogate) in July, to see how I fitted in the market place, and what I needed to change and learn about the industry.
I repeated these shows in 2016. By 2017 I changed tactics and felt I had enough experience and perfected my product to exhibit at a bigger show; Spring Fair at the NEC.

I do all of the show set-ups, manning the stand, pack-downs, marketing, admin, sales, and of course design and product management myself. It’s a lot of endless hard work.

Exhibiting is a great way to meet your customer face 2 face. It’s a good learning curve too. There are times where you have to cope with your work not being of interest to all buyers, and the times when no-one comes onto your stand and bee-lines to others like bees to honey. The competition is fierce, but there is enough room for everyone who produces something different.
If we were all the same, then the buyers wouldn’t buy!



I knew I needed a website, and in the past had ‘silly’ quotes way out of my price range. At a Trade Show, I was fortunate to hear of Paul and Collette at Aura Creative Media through a fellow exhibitor. It was their knowledge and personal approach which won me over. I had zero time free to even contemplate designing my own website. So was really happy with their help.



Stages of a biz

Running a small biz on your own I can compare to having children;…. it grows in stages, its a HUGE amount of endless ‘to-do-lists’, it’s ever-changing plus very rewarding. It seems to grow from; Baby, Toddler, Child, to Teen, Young Adult, and Adult to mature Adult etc. I would say Deckled Edge is currently at the Child stage. All businesses are at various stages, so you can never really compare yourself to another who is at a very different level to yourself.



What did I do this week?

– Popped in to visit my printer and drop off catalogues to add to orders and hand sign art prints
– Placed print orders
– Chased a late payer and invoiced customers
– Began plans for a new collection to begin illustrating soon
– Posted on social media




















– Sorted through receipts etc for Vat return
– Paid bills
– Submitted insurance cover for rate deduction on Trade Events for 2019
– Wrote this blurb
– Packed up stock
– Ordered replenishment stock for product stickers
– Received stock replenishment order of gift wrap. Some had gone missing so chasing this atm
– Renewed GCA membership
– Motherly household duties
– Always make time to go horse riding, and weekly PT session otherwise I’m always sitting down at the computer or in the car!

Thx for reading!

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Fulfilment V’s Printing On Demand

As I am currently exploring stepping over from ‘print on demand’ to fulfilment services, I thought I would talk about this topic and explain what I have learnt so far.

Printing to order

Over the past 18 months I have worked with a print-on-demand method where greeting cards and art prints etc with no finishes are printed to order. I have a minimum of stock held at my printer’s warehouse. Stock is only held of greeting card designs which contain a finish, ie: foils, flitter, die-cut etc. These are held in up to 100 units per design. So when a customer’s order comes in, the job is printed and packed and dispatched. Generally with a turn-around of 5-12 working days. The benefit of this system, is as you are small, the risk is low. You can test out your market and if a range of designs doesn’t hit the mark and is a slow seller you can remove it from your offering with little expense. The downside is you are stuck with the pricing structure of your printer. The shipping charges are higher at £10 net, but you have no % pcm to pay off your invoices, but you do pay a storage fee of £10 net, plus if using an online ordering system costs are £9.99 net approx.


What is fulfilment? This is a business which has a large warehouse and they pick, pack, dispatch out your orders same day or next day. At the end of each month you are charged a % of your invoices which have gone out.

What do you get for your money?

  • Fulfilment Warehouses I have found charge anything from 4%-10% of your monthly Net invoices which they service from your stock to your customer. Orders come in, get picked from your shelves, and dispatched out within 6-12 hours Some of the bigger fulfilment centres I have found, wont even look at small publishers as the orders are too small and not worth their time.
  • They offer a range of services from the packing of raw stock, hand finishing, and labelling of individual packs and boxes.
  • Pricing to pack your cards into cellos with envelope can vary; for example,£18 – £30 for packing 1,000 cards including VAT.
  • Hand finishing is often priced per job. Some charge nothing to pack smaller orders of between 10-12 packs of 6 cards.
  • Orders are dispatched via courier and royal mail services. Orders placed before 12 pm will be sent out the same day.
  • Stock is securely stored and orders will be efficiently fulfilled.
  • Generally you receive a stock check daily of comings-in and goings-out via shared google docs/spreadsheets. With a yearly stock check where orders are held for the day to ensure a complete check.
  • Packing materials are included in the % price; jiffy bags, bubble wrap, tape etc although some can charge 45p per box, or the price for speciality boxes if they need to be ordered in specific to your needs.
  • To sort returns, labelling and stickering or any work which is over and above the contract will be charged at around £10.50 per hour.
  • Deliveries in the UK via next day courier is charged at rates from £4.50-£6.50 plus VAT
  • Full pallet delivery is charged at £54 plus VAT but some companies offer free pallet collection of your current stock to move over to them.
  • Royal Mail costs are £3.22 for a small parcel. Medium parcels are £5.25.
  • Shipping out of the UK will be quoted for on individual basis.
  • Orders are in customers shops faster, which will increase re-ordering and customer confidence.
  • Initial set up of your stock ready for servicing orders can be from 2-5 days depending on company.

Top tips

  • Get a copy of the fulfilment centres Terms & Conditions to ensure you are aware of everything.
  • Do up your monthly invoices net value and factor in the fulfilment % charges, and deduct any savings of packing of cards, dispatch prices and of course the option of cheaper bulk printing. Give a month’s set of sales figures and detail of product which went out in the month, and ask the fulfilment company to give you a set of example charges for that period so you are clear on what your month charge will be.
  • Make sure you check things like: If orders fall under £100 they may attract an extra delivery charge, and also do they expect a turnover through them of around £XXXXXX per year.
  • Be aware that if you’re not turning over enough annual business they can slacken their service to you and eventually force you out through poor service to make space for a better performing customer.
  • If you can do view the warehouse, or be aware that your stock could be housed in damp horrid conditions and will affect your precious stock.

What did I do this week?

  • Placed new customer orders.
  • Sketching new illustrations for a collection to launch at Spring Fair in Feb 2019.
  • Sorting missing product, which hasn’t been found so had re-ordered to go out to the customer.
  • Deciding on fulfilment options.
  • Chasing late payers.
  • Ordered replenishment stock of stickers.
  • Paid bills.
  • Statements to Sales Agents.

Thx for reading and HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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In the Dragons Lair!!

Can’t quite believe its now a month on from the Dragons Den Speed dating Dragons event.
What an amazing, slightly bonkers event run by the GCA.
Here I am pitching away to my first Dragon, Catherine Laycock from Belly Button designs, and waiting in the Lair along with other publishers.

The Greeting Card Association write up here

PGBuzz dragons pitch read all about it here


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BLE Review: Ticket To Ride

See this months Greetings Today Magazine for the BLE Review on page 36.
Brand Licensing Europe sees Deckled Edge make the final!

Read the head-to-head battle article (see page 36)  here:



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NEW LAUNCHES PG Mag: Kids Cards supplement Dec 2017

Our Prancing Myth range is also mentioned within this months Focus on Kids Cards supplement on page 12 in Progressive Greetings Magazine.
Our new MERHORSE children’s age 9 rainbow design is featured in the Kids Cards New Launches section.
This under the sea design combines both the delicate seahorse, and the unicorn mythical creature.
The cards are finished to a very high standard with glistening holographic foiled stars, hearts and flowers.
These designs are also available in open birthdays to suit any age.
View the entire range here:

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Greeting cardies join the licensing clan at a buzzy BLE

Greeting card company Deckled Edge came so close to clinching the License This! competition that is run by the show, making it into the final two.

Founder and designer Janna Cossettini put in a strong performance pitching her equestrian-skewed brand to the judges, but in the end was pipped at the post by Spanish pre-school concept based around children and yoga.

Commenting on Deckled Edge, Kelvyn Gardner, MD of LIMA UK who headed up the judging panel said: “The judges were impressed by Deckled Edge. The Equestrian imagery has a wide fan-base and the panel saw a strong mix of originality and classic look in the brand to offer genuine licensing potential.”
The judging panel for License This! included (right-left) Clare Piggott (Larkhead Media) and Danilo’s licensing director Dan Grant and (3rd left-right) LIMA UK’s Kelvyn Gardner, Jazwares’ Sam Ferguson and JELC’s Jane Evans.

Dan Grant, licensing director of Danilo, who was also part of the License This! panel added his praise for Janna’s submission and presentation: ”The Deckled Edge proposal was stunning. Janna has a very professional approach and clearly knows how to position her brand.”

Dan adds that Janna’s focus on the equestrian field, gives Deckled Edge “something unique, which can be taken into specialist retailers within the world of equestrian. At the same time the quality and appeal of her amazing artwork will mean that this property has the opportunity to secure listings across key high street retailers and department stores.”

You can read the full article here by Jakki Brown on PGBUZZ;









(Images supplied by Greetings Today Magazine)

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THE head-to-head battle for the License This!

THE head-to-head battle for the License This! crown saw Spanish brand Ioguis take the title but greetings publishers Deckled Edge are also winners despite coming second.
Their horse-related product and concept were put before a wide audience of licensing agents and interested parties with founder and artist Janna Cossettini’s pitch to the judging panel coming across very well.
And the judges – LIMA UK MD Kelvyn Gardner, Sam Ferguson of Jazwares, JELC licensing agents’ Jane Evans, Danlio licensing director Dan Grant, and Clare Piggott of Larkshead Media – admitted they had a difficult task choosing between the two finalists.
In her 10-minute presentation at the final on Thursday, October 12, Janna explained how her love of horses goes back to her first scruffy Shetland pony called Donald and she’s coupled that with her artistic talents honed from an early desire to draw everything she saw.
The former art director for the Condé Nast family of magazines started trading as Deckled Edge in 2015 and now sells to independent gifts and greetings retailers as well as equine charities and gifting websites in the UK and abroad, plus wholesalers Westgate EFI who distribute to 1,500 tack shops and country stores.
Sbe explained how she hopes to take the brand forward with licensed products across the outdoor textiles, homeware and stationery categories as well as gifting.

Read the full article here: 

View my presentation here: